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Wed Mar 15 08:17:36 UTC 2006

Hi Juan Carlos Reyes!

It might be nice to know what kind of computer you are useing, version of
Ubuntu, why and how you updated.  This could give us a better base to help

For now I would recommend the Ubuntu start guide:

Specifically the sections within Rescue Mode.

Also google "mounting root file system ubuntu" just for fun.

Sometimes doing a "control c" (holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the c
key) will bypass the hung part of the script.  Sometimes it is good to allow
ten minutes for the thing to actually cycle trough on it's own.

Good Hunting!


On 3/14/06, Juan Carlos Reyes <jcreyesortiz at> wrote:
> I'm new to Ubuntu. I install it recently without presenting any problems.
> Yesterday I updated all software software it ask me as I configures
> (installed) multimedia , Internet and some other software. I also tried to
> installed Java but I never knew if it was successful. Ubuntu worked
> perfectly till the end, this morning I turned on and it gets stucked when
> initializing in: Mounting root file system  and don't move from there.
> The easiest think to me would be to reinstall but I spend several hours
> yesterday that prefer not to lose, while a make may best to learn how Ubuntu
> works.
> Thanks
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> Juan C. Reyes O.
> jcreyesortiz at
> Bogotá - Colombia
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