is there a Python compiler?

Jochen Skulj jochen at
Wed Mar 15 07:12:59 UTC 2006


CJ Kelley wrote:
> Ok, so i tried out python, and it was relitively close to qbasic in
> coding. Although there were some differences in the coding, it is still
> very easy to learn. One question I have about Python and that is, Is
> there a compiler for python that will compile python source code?
> --cj

I think, Python is mainly an interpreted programming language, although
Python can also compile and execute some kind of bytecode. I sometimes
write small programs in Python but I don't really care if Python just
interprets my source or if the bytecode is compiled and executed.
Usually my Python programs run fast enough even if there interpreted.

Cheers, Jochen
Jochen Skulj
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