is there a good alternative to totem?

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Tristan Wibberley <maihem at> wrote: Tristan Wibberley wrote:

> I've just checked, totem with gstreamer 0.10 is just marginally more CPU 
> intensive than mplayer playing the same DVD. I get mplayer using approx 
> 1% less CPU while also decoding audio - gstreamer isn't decoding ac3 in 
> Dapper ATM. I must remember to report a bug.
> They both use *far* too much CPU with the open source nv video driver 
> under xorg. Both are displaying with XV.

On nvidia's driver:

With XV, mplayer is using between 3% and 12% CPU depending on the amount 
of motion, while for the same clip, totem is using between 8% and 16% - 
without playing the sound, it is possible that the CPU abuse in totem is 
due to the sound bug.

Without XV, mplayer is using between 10% and 17%, and totem is using 
between 28% and 34%. But I couldn't get mplayer to scale the video 
without crashing although totem was using cheap scaling.

I'm not sure if totem's extra CPU use should be reported as a bug. 
Anybody else have an opinion on that?

----CJ's reply----

I'm not sure if totem's extra CPU use should be reported as a bug.
I wouldnt report that as a bug (Would you report windows XP being a processor hog a bug?). Its just the way that Totem is designed. It requires more processor resouces then the other decoders for various reasons. 

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Tristan Wibberley

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