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Christopher Nelson chris at
Tue Mar 14 22:14:17 UTC 2006

On 2006-03-12, Bas van Gils <basvg at> wrote:
> In ~/Mail I've set-up symlinks to the appropriate mbox-files in TB's
> directories. At first glance things seem to work just fine. However, I got =
> the
> impression that the "compact folders" option of TB doesn't work the way it
> should. Here are the steps to reproduce my little problem:
>   - send an E-mail to myself
>   - make sure TB pops the mail
>   - delete the mail, hit 'compact folders' and exit TB
>   - fire up mutt =3D> the mail is still there and marked as NEW
> This behavior is a little bit odd and annoying. All help is appreciated,

I don't know about thunderbird specifically, but if I point evolution to
my mbox, and just delete a mail it goes to evolution's "trash" folder
yet still appears in mutt until I empty the "trash" folder -- perhaps
the problem you're experiencing is analogous?  I don't know if "compact
folders" empties any sort of trash receptacle thunderbird keeps.

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