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Have you tried the HP specific iso's. Hp laptops have some awkward hardware
in them so the community have come up with cd's just for

On 3/14/06, Liam Marshall <lsrpm at> wrote:
> How do I tell what version of Ubuntu I am running?
> I had several versions of Ubuntu downloaded and burnt to cds
> Both the version of 5.1 Breezy and Dapper Flight 5 that I downloaded
> yesterday appear to work, but I have to use linux vga=771 in order to
> run the installation on my laptop.  When I do, things appear to go fine
> until the unmount of installation cd and reboot.  At that point I get a
> message about the xserver failing and would I like to see the output,
> which I do not understand, then it tells me gdm has been disabled and to
> fix it and then reenable x.  I have no idea how to do that
> I have an older cd which I thought/think is a prerelease fo 5.1 which
> does work, I get in and all is fine, until I do a complete update of
> everything, then I get the same thing/errors.
> I have discovered, through trial and painful effort, that if I deselect
> update choices for all the xserver updates on the older version then I
> can continue/function.  I can load/install whatever I want, but get the
> nag every boot about updates being available.  I am scared to do any of
> them for fear of breaking my install.
> I would like to resolve this as I am interested in the updated features
> of the more recent versions.  Specifically, when I ran the install of
> Dapper Flight 5, I noticed that it automatically detected both my wired
> nic and my wireless nic (a Broadcom AirForce One 54g according to
> hardware info)
> My laptop is an HP Pavilion 8215US  it has the dvd burner dual layer,
> ATI x600 video, etc.
> I also heard that Dapper allows us to look/see files on a windows
> partition.  This is important to me as well.  I have files that I would
> prefer not to duplicate on both the windows partition and the ubuntu
> partitions.  I teach at a k-12 school in Winnipeg.  I have a K12LTSP
> server and 40 thin clients.  The server is running the Fedore Core 4
> flavour, and for next year I want to try the Ubuntu version, so I want
> to take it out for a spin.  Right now I use my laptop, with windows,
> network boot into the LTSP wired, and have a partition on my laptop to
> play with linux distros.  If all goes well, The server next year will be
> loaded with the Ubuntu LTSP combination.  It would be wonderful to have
> my local (to my laptop) also be a ubuntu distro.  I have some
> applications that I just can't find a linux equivelent of so must keep
> that damn windows partition.
> Sorry for the long post but if I could get help on any/all of these
> issues that would be great.
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