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> What is the best open firmware for the router WRT54GS ?

First, which version of the WRT54GS do you have?  The current version (v5.0)
is not well supported at this time; Linksys cut the flash-RAM to 2MB:

The most popular of the third-party products appear to be, in alphabetical

* HyperWRT
* OpenWRT
* Sveasoft's Talisman

A feature comparison from a few months ago can be found at

Here's my uninformed and uninformative take on these.

DD-WRT has the largest number of features and seems to have the greatest
number of reports of instability, mostly from users of "file-sharing"
utilities.  It has a nice web interface.

HyperWRT tries to stick as closely as possible to Linksys' firmware and has
a reputation for stability and speed.

OpenWRT also has a reputation for stability and speed.  The interface is (or
at least was) through the command line only.

Sveasoft charges a "subscription" fee of $20 per year for "MAC locked"
software.  I don't think they distribute the source code as OpenWRT's
developer accuses them of copyright violation and has revoked their license
to OpenWRT source.

I installed DD-WRT (v23, 25 DEC 2005) on a WRT54GL and haven't had any
problems.  I've been running it only three days.

[ObOnTopic] As it's an Ethernet-attached device, it works fine with KUbuntu
5.10 i386 and AMD64.

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