security issues

Filipe Bonjour fbonjour at
Tue Mar 14 00:46:40 UTC 2006


    Why on God's green earth was the password ever written to a file in
    the first place?!?!??  I use ubuntu because it's "easy," not expecting
    it to be ultra secure, but this is ridiculous.  To compound the
    problem the explanation given is awful... "since these files were
    world-readable" should have been, "some dumbass wrote code that wrote
    clear text passwords to disk"--the readability of the files is
    irrelevant.    I'm switching distros ASAP, there's no way I can trust
    ubuntu after this.

Whatever the reason, no matter how justified (and if you've never made a 
mistake in your coding life you might be), I'm sorry but there's no need 
to be insulting. Been there, done that (repeatedly) and always regretted 
it eventually. Take a chill pill and come back tomorrow.


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