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How about editing /etc/apt/apt.conf like this
Acquire::http::Proxy "http://%PUT_YOUR_PROXY_HERE%:3128";

This should work for apt and aptiude....

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Joe Zitnik schrieb am 13.03.2006 17:31:
> Hello all.  I have a box I installed ubuntu 5.10 on, and I'm trying to
> add additional applications.  We have a proxy in place, and I have it
> set up to allow the machine I'm on out without having to authenticate
> against the proxy, and it's fine when I'm using the browser, but when I
> try and do updates or installs, they fail, my guess is because they
> aren't using the browser settings for the proxy.  I went in to network
> settings as added a proxy there as well, but they are still failing. 
> How do I set system wide proxy settings?

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