wxWidgets libraries in Dapper

Otto Wyss otto.wyss at orpatec.ch
Mon Mar 13 21:22:32 UTC 2006

First of all I'm not sure if this the right mailing list for my subject, 
so please forward it to the right one and CC me.

I've tried out Ubuntu 5.10 and are considering to switch from Debian but 
I'm curious why the wxWidgets libraries aren't included by default. IMO 
it's important that these libraries are available without having to 
download them first. Especially if Ubuntu tries to get "enterprise 
quality" as Mark Shuttleworth writes in 
wxWidgets libraries are necessary and will become much more important 
for ISV's.

See also
wyoGuide, another way to improve the Linux desktop: 

O. Wyss

Application guidelines: http://wyoguide.sf.net/

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