Please help me use Ubuntu to retrieve sata from crashed computer.

Gail Gatewayone gmiller at
Mon Mar 13 17:13:26 UTC 2006


My Dell Dimension 4550 (about 3 years old) w/ 512 MB RAM gave me a BSOD for
an IRQ_NOT_EQUAL etc. error over the weekend.

I downloaded Ubutu because someone told me I could use the Linux Live CD to
retrieve files from the internal HDD and save them on my external USB HDD.

UBUTU recognizes the USB drive w/ no problem but does not see the internal
HDD. I wrote this query to the newsgroup and got a reply to search for the
drive through Disk Manager, Make a new folder for it in \mnt\ and enable the
drive. Well I did that and nothing happened. So I changed the path for the
internal drive to the one the USB drive uses and now the internal drive
shows up there but says I don't have permissions to access it.

It's one of those so-close-and-yet-so-far-away situations it seems. Please
tell me how I can do this simple task and get on w/ reformatting my drive
and reinstalling Win XP (and probably Ubutu's Linux also!) Can you help me

Thanks so much in advance!
Gail Miller

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