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Mon Mar 13 15:33:44 UTC 2006

According to, versions of Python are available for:

 * Windows (and DOS)           * Macintosh
 * Linux                       * AIX
 * AROS  (Amiga Research OS)   * AmigaDOS
 * BeOS                        * OS/2
 * OS/390 and z/OS             * Palm OS
 * PlayStation                 * Psion
 * QNX                         * RISC OS (formerly Acorn)
 * Symbian OS                  * Sparc Solaris
 * VMS                         * VxWorks
 * Windows CE or Pocket PC     * Sharp Zaurus
 * MorphOS

As for the young whipper-snappers that have only used 15 languages,
and only been using computers since 1975... ;-)

I often commit sacrilege by claiming that "GOTO" is far more intuitive
than "WHILE 1" or similar constructs. ;-) However, that said, after many
years of FORTRAN and many different assemblers (Xerox Sigma 7 anyone?),
I now program primarily in Python. (There were affairs with several other
programming languages as well.) This is not to say that anyone else should,
but those who haven't at least looked at the documentation and given it
about a week of halfway serious play, should probably not be claiming
that the devil they know is better than the devil they don't.  (For
example, I hear lots about Ruby now.  Having never tried it, I would be
foolish to claim Python's better without even looking.  I intend to find
time to give it a fair shake.)

I will say the Python documentation available on the web is "most
excellent!" and there is a growing contingent using it as the introductory
language for high school students (and others).

P.S. If you do try it, be patient with the indenting thing.  It turns many
     off at first, but you'll come to like it (or at least make peace with
     it) given a bit of time.  And avoid mixing <TAB> and <SPACE> for your


* Download Python for various platforms

* Python Documentation

* Python in Education
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