Is there a good BASIC compiler for ubuntu?

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Mon Mar 13 13:05:20 UTC 2006

> It's a perfect response to a "only Linux geeks use Python" comment.  Especially funny considering
> that I've been accused of being a "Windows lover" in this very list for ripping on Linux's real
> failings. (Hint: Python isn't one of them.)

You are indeed a politician in that you twist the truth to suit your
own version of the world ;-) (and, I don't think this is the first
time I've levelled this comment at you).

I did not state that only Linux geeks use Python. I have only ever
*seen* Linux geeks extolling the virtues of python.

PS You might want to refrain from using HTTP in your e-mails. It's
atrocious and you're making (more) assumptions about people ;-).

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