[DAPPER Flight4] Two prbs

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Mon Mar 13 02:37:23 UTC 2006

Aside from the list (below), the installation seemed to be flawless and is 
working.  I have yet to extensively use any apps because I was under the 
impression that I had the KDE desktop when in fact I did not.  

Since I have both installations --breezy & dapper-- pointed to a common data 
partition for <user> I cannot send/receive e-mails in a common area which 
means I have to go back to breezy to communicate w/Kmail. :-\

1. When going for the ISO I saw 'eubuntu' & 'ubuntu'.  There was no 'kubuntu' 
so I chose the 'ubuntu'  and, to my astonishment, I ended up w/what looks 
like 'eubuntu' ...complete w/enlightenment.

2. The /etc/apt/sources.list contains some entries ...none of which give me 
mc, mplayer, xine, et. al.  What should be added, 'dapper-extras'??  (I think 
this was asked but I could not find the thread, sorry.)

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