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Sat Mar 11 10:42:06 UTC 2006

Hi Yogesh!

Thank you so much for replying. One more thing I'd like to know, can i order for four copies of ubuntu for my friends too who are also interested trying it? And where i can find local linux group in delhi? I've tried a lot on ubuntu's site anlso on google but it didn't worked. Need your help friend.

Thanks & regards


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> Hello,

It's great that your going to give a try to linux(ubuntu). I've also gave an

order for ubuntu cd's &  i got them within a month in Indore(MP). They all

are free of charge from cannonica ltd. but i had pay around 250 Rs. for 100

cd's to custom departement mumbai.  otherwise they all are free.

Now you've asked about some software whether they'll work on linux or not,

i'm not sure about all software but there are alternatives available for

most of them.

At last i'll suggest you to look for a local linux group they'll definatly

having ubuntu cd's, so you can asks them.

About enterprise edtion, there is no enterprise edtion for ubuntu, it's all

depends on what application you 've installed on it.

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