Is there a good BASIC compiler for ubuntu?

Carroll Grigsby cgrigs at
Sun Mar 12 23:00:06 UTC 2006

CJ Kelley wrote:
> Alexandre Franke <alexandre.franke at> wrote: On 3/12/06, CJ Kelley  wrote:
>>I am still pretty new to programming and am starting to become very
>>proficient in the BASIC language. I dont know very much of C++, other then
>>how to get the computer to display a line of text. So my question is, is
>>there a good BASIC compiler out there that will work under Ubuntu Linux?
> As far as I know, BASIC is not a compiled language, but rather an
> interpreted one. So I guess that it is an interpreter you are looking
> for.
> In this page you'll find some BASIC interpreters:

Errr, no. Compilied BASICs have been around for a very long time. For 
example, I used to run CBasic ran under CP/M in the early 80's.

> However, I wouldn't recommend using BASIC. Why did you choose this
> language? Someone told you to do so? Maybe python will be better for
> your needs.
> ----cj's reply----
> dude, BASIC was my first (and currently only) language that i learned and am proficient in. First off, basic is easier for me to learn and second off, its basic.
> ----end of reply----
> --

BASIC was the second language I used -- 1967 -- and it wasn't new then. 
It ran on a GE mainframe located several miles away, and we accessed it 
using teletype machines with acoustic modems at 150 baud. We could 
either store our programs at the remote site or on paper tape.

OK, enough of my memories. Basic isn't dead. In fact, Sourceforge lists 
a number of projects involving Basic:

Sorry, but I've never dealt with any of this stuff.

-- cmg

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