how can i communicate with an infrared modem?

Alan McKinnon alan at
Sun Mar 12 20:17:29 UTC 2006

On Sunday 12 March 2006 17:04, Felix wrote:
> hi, i got a cellphone with gprs, and it has an infrared modem, and
> how can i communicate with that?

I've never done this on Ubuntu, but I know the generic Linux way to do 
it. The package you need is irda-utils. This supplies the necessary 
protocols to talk IrDA - SIR, FIR, MIR. The next step is figuring out 
what protocol on top of IrDA your phone uses - PPP, SLIP, Ethernet 
over IR? This info should be in the phone manuals.

What hardware setup do you have? Laptop with built-in IR? USB dongle? 
Which phone?

> i connect to internet though my cell in windows xp, it works very
> well, no drivers required.

You mean you didn't have to download any driver's from the 
manufacturer web site, because they are bundled with XP, right? 
Because XP surely does use drivers. The Linux kernel comes with IR 
support out of the box, you just have to configure it. The one 
exception I know of is SigmaTel USB dongles with STIR4210 or 20 

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