Is there a good BASIC compiler for ubuntu?

Bernard Peek bap at
Sun Mar 12 20:14:29 UTC 2006

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Kelley <debian_i386 at> writes
>I am still pretty new to programming and am starting to become very
>proficient in the BASIC language. I dont know very much of C++, other
>then how to get the computer to display a line of text. So my question is,
>is there a good BASIC compiler out there that will work under Ubuntu

Take a look at Gambas. It's very similar to VB in many ways. It's 
available for Ubuntu. There have been some tutorials on it in one of the 
recent Linux magazines, but I can't remember which one.

If you are already familiar with VB it is probably the best way to learn 
to program on Linux. If you haven't already committed to Basic then 
Python, as suggested by others, is probably a better starting point if 
you intend to learn serious Linux programming. If you just want to put 
together simple utility programs for your own use then Gambas is quite 
possibly the right choice.

Bernard Peek
London, UK. DBA, Manager, Trainer & Author.

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