Is there a good BASIC compiler for ubuntu?

Alexandre Franke alexandre.franke at
Sun Mar 12 18:52:34 UTC 2006

Here is what I wrote:

> > I just suggested python because it is well integrated within
> > the Ubuntu environment and is supposed to be Ubuntu's equivalent to
> > Microsoft Window's Visual Basic.

Now please be careful.

On 3/12/06, Vram <lamsokvr at> wrote:
> Python is not Ubuntu's anything...  Python is a language..

When I say that it is "Ubuntu's equivalent", it is a short way to say
that in Ubuntu's environment, the scripting language that is commonly
used and strongly suggested by the dev-team is python, as Visual Basic
is for Microsoft Windows.

> The Ubuntu developers seem to like Python but, it is NOT theirs.
> They did not develop Python..

I never said that, please don't get me wrong.

> Guido Van Rossum is the creator of Python


> Please people limit your comments to things you know....
> OR at least verify facts before you repeat them.

Please people make sure you understood what other people meant before
critisizing them.

> PS
> You can verify what I said at

I don't need to, I already know that.

Alexandre Franke
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