is there a good alternative to totem?

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Sun Mar 12 00:30:57 UTC 2006

Darryl Clarke <smartssa at> wrote: On 11/03/06, CJ Kelley  wrote:
> Is there a good alternative to Totem? I cant seem to play back movie files
> when i use totem.
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All the movie formats..including dvd's..the wont work, totem returns an error message stating that the file is invalid when it really isnt and doesnt play the video
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What types of movies?  Totem works fine for me for almost everything. 
The ocassional windows media 9 or 10 file fails to play for me of
course, but that's a codec (licensing) issue and not Totem.

Reading this for some issues with certain codecs is good:

You may also check to see if you have installed a handful of the
gstreamer0.8-* packages for various plugins and codecs.

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