Cannot switch to a VT from Xorg using CTRL-ALT-F1

Stephen R Laniel steve at
Fri Mar 10 21:33:39 UTC 2006

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 01:35:46PM -0800, Miles Lane wrote:
> For a very long time (months and months) I have been unable to switch
> away from Xorg to a VT using CTRL-ALT-F[1-6].  AFAICT, all my locale
> and keyboard settings are okay.  Any suggestions?

I've had this same problem, too. It started when I used a
Breezy development build.

If you do 'sudo chvt 1', you should get your virtual
terminal. So it's just the keymapping that's changed.

This doesn't solve anything, but it does narrow the scope

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