Problem starting administrative application.

Sebastian Gil sebastianhgil at
Fri Mar 10 11:58:48 UTC 2006

Please read this wiki page

2006/3/10, Yogesh soni <india.yogi at>:
> Dear friends,
> I've installed ubuntu 5.10 on my system.
> When i tried to login as root from login screen it doesn't allow me to
> login as root. Is there any way to login as root on desktop?
> when i login as a different user logged successfully on my system,
> but when i try to run any administrative application from System menu from
> panel, it asks me to enter root password, when i enter it correctlly it
> doesn't run the specified application and display a message that says,
> "failed to run users-admin(, ...) as user root: wrong password".
> Now how can i solve this proble.
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