Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at telkom.co.za
Fri Mar 10 05:30:55 UTC 2006

Pierre Boizot wrote:

> i think the probleme is here because when i try to load
> ocfs kernel module i have an error

The usual reason kernel modules fail to load is kernel version.

If that is the case you'll need to download the source and build a
custom module for your specific kernel version.

Other reasons are h/w issues, dependancies and so on... but OCFS does
not need specific hardware. Cannot recall if there are specific
dependencies on other modules.

I was unaware that there are OCFS builds for Debian/Ubuntu. The OCFS
kernel module specifically only supports what Oracle certified as
Linux distribs for their core database clustering software. These are
Redhat, SuSe and Red Flag. You'll need to use the source and build
your own binaries for other distributions.

You're best bet would be to look at the stuff and documentation
available at http://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs for details and help.


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