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Al Gordon runlevel7 at
Thu Mar 9 14:54:46 UTC 2006

On 3/8/06, Paul Thompson <ubantu001 at> wrote:
> Hi Al,
> Thanks for the info. I have the latest Sun Java SDK
> j2sdk1.5_1.5.0+update06_i386.deb installed and that seems to be just
> fine.
> How do I process the debs once I have download them from the sources
> that you gave me? I am a newby and so far have only handled debs
> through the apt.sources list. This would be new to me. Can you please
> explain further. Sorry to be such a nuisance.
> Paul

Not a nuisance at all.  Sorry for the lateness in replying.

You use the 'dpkg' command to install .deb files.  In this case, you
want to be in the same directory as the ruby .debs you downloaded,
then run:

sudo dpkg -i libruby1.8_1.8.4-1_i386.deb ruby1.8_1.8.4-1_i386.deb


  -- AL --

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