Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at telkom.co.za
Thu Mar 9 08:19:48 UTC 2006

Pierre Boizot wrote:

> I seek information on OCFS2 in ubuntu.

Interesting.. what is the plan with OCFS2 if I may ask Pierre?

>I install ocfs2tools and console .
> When I verify if OCFS Drivers are in use with this command :

Am using OCFS1 on RHES. Been delaying the OCFS2 upgrade as it will be
a major exercise on this Linux cluster we have.. besides no problems
with OCFS1 thus far. Touch wood.

To get OCFS working I did the following (hazy memory as it been a year
or what ago)
- get the ocfs kernel module loaded
- ensure the sharable (raw) device is seen on all nodes a SCSI device
(in /dev)
- create an ocfs filesystem on the device
- mount the device on the other nodes as an ocfs mount
- keep an eye on /var/log/messages to see what's happening

Also suggest that you head over to http://forums.oracle,com - you're
likely to find some better help there (registration/use of those
forums are free).


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