GNUCash on Breezy?

Andy Anderson opus at
Wed Mar 8 15:28:49 UTC 2006

Good morning all,

I've finally made the decision to switch my main personal laptop
from Debian Sarge to Ubuntu, specifically Breezy Badger (v5.10).
The laptop is a new HP zd8000, and, after using ndiswrapper for
the wireless card, everything works very well.

One app that I really need to run is GNUCash, and that does not
appear to be in the apt repository.  I seem to recall reading a
while back that it is possible to use a .deb file to install an
app, but I don't recall what was involved.

Would someone point me to a resource where I can get info on
how to do this?


Andy Anderson
Salisbury, MD, USA

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