starting problems

Natalie Erin NatalieErin at
Wed Mar 8 14:31:38 UTC 2006


I am hoping that maybe you can help me with my problem.  I have recently
installed a version of Ubuntu 5.10 and am having a problem whenever it
starts up.  It continually freezes right after it loads the GUI.  I am
fairly new to Ubuntu and Linux, so I need some pretty detailed help to
solve this problem.  Here are my computer specs, in the hope that this
will help:

AMD 3400 (2.4 GhZ) Processor
Nvidia NForce 3 Motherboard
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Video Card
250 GB SATA Hard Drive (running 4.10)
160 GB SATA Hard Drive (supposed to be running 5.10)

I have tried a memtest and have passed all the tests, also, it freezes
so completely that I cannot even hit CTRL+ALT+F! to access a terminal.
Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated.

Natalie Erin

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