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Wed Mar 8 04:42:48 UTC 2006

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 22:52:20 -0500
Jaime Davila <jdavila at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just moved from fedora to Ubuntu into a new IBM thinkpad. I'm trying 
> to get applications installed. I can't seem to find mplayer in any 
> repository. I've read that apt-getting mplayer-386 should get it done, 
> but I get  Couldn't find package mplayer-386. Similar thing with mplayer 
> and mplayer-suite, and mozilla-mplayer. Any ideas? here's my sources.list:

[snipped sources.list]

Add the word multiverse to your universe lines  you have only backports
multiverse as far as I can see from a quick look art your sources - for
example add on the end

deb breezy universe multiverse
deb-src breezy universe multiverse
deb breezy universe multiverse
deb-src breezy universe multiverse

(By the way, us.archive and ca.archive*  are the same machine (IP  according to the "host" command) , so you don't gain
anything by using both. You can safely delete one or the other,
orsubstitute a plain "" for one - or any other mirror
really )

Then run 

sudo apt-get update
apt-cache search mplayer

Install the appropriate one for your architecture. The command

uname -m

will tell you your architecture, if in doubt.


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