Slow slow slow.

國產 Wei-Yee Chan survivor at
Tue Mar 7 22:42:15 UTC 2006

Check this out too

Gabriel Jägenstedt wrote:
> I can't see much happening really.
> When I launch the program I get I slight raise in "us,"(whatever that
> may be) But nothing big.
> The applications jump in at the top for a short period of time then
> dissapear. The memory used jumps up like 30M or so.
> Then all the applications start at once a few minutes later I ran them
> with gnomebaker & grip & gkrellm & To see what would happen. So it feels
> safe to asume that something is halting these applications somewhere.
> Why I can't tell.
> Could there be some library missing that takes a lot of time to not find
> or something like that?

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