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Tue Mar 7 22:27:35 UTC 2006

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:03:55 -0600, Gabriel Jägenstedt  
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> Chuck MATTSEN wrote:
> I found references to this in some thread and tried running fc-cache, I
> didn't see any improvement however. Do you have any more information
> about this?
>> I'm very much an Ubuntu/Kubuntu newbie, so may not be of much help
>> here,  but if you're not getting errors, etc., but are simply seeing
>> huge  slowdowns in startup, starting apps, etc., one thing you may want
>> to look  into is your font cache.  I ran Mandrake/Mandriva cooker for a
>> couple of  years, and that was often the cause of generalized slow-downs
>> such as you  describe.

No, not really, as I've not been using Mandriva at all lately and don't  
have all that old mail concerning it.  You might be able to pull up  
something with a Google search for the terms
font cache system slowdown
or similar, but I'm afraid I don't have anything specific to offer.  Just  
a suggestion as one place to consider looking, as it reminded me of the  
problems in cooker as recently as a few months back.

Chuck Mattsen (Mahnomen, MN)
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