Wine and wine tools in Dapper

Paco Ros paco at
Mon Mar 6 15:09:13 UTC 2006

El Lunes, 6 de Marzo de 2006 09:10, Raymond Lillard escribió:
> Paco,
> Why don't you download the free VMware server and install
> a minimal widows VM?  Save yourself the grief of dealing
> with something that is reportedly busted.

Because I want to reproduce a situation when I was running Sid when I could 
start IE as another program (vell, very slower than any other).

Dapper is not stable. It has many bugs and I think that reporting some things 
such as this here I help to build a better Ubuntu. If I knew how to solve it, 
I would patch it and post the patch here.

IMHO wine is also free software, so Ubuntu should care about it. Maybe there 
are some other important preferences it is not my decission to solve or not a 
problem with a distro, but as many users do I try to help by reporting bugs 
(and I think this problem happens beacuse of a bug somewhere)

It would be easier for me to install Hoary again and try ies4linux as Roel 
wrote, but Dapper is more exciting :-) Or switch on my laptop and boot with a 
WXP partition.

Anyway, thanks for the hint :-)
Kind regards.
Paco Ros -
Només és l'opinió subjetiva d'una persona objectiva.

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