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Trey Sizemore trey at fastmail.fm
Sun Mar 5 18:13:35 UTC 2006

My current home network consists of several PC connected to a Netgear
wireless router (using its default factory IP of  It also
serves DHCP address to machines that need it.  It, in turn, is
connected to my DSL modem.

I will be adding a firewall to the mix and plan to use the Netgear
wireless router solely as a hub and WAP.  I will disable it's DHCP
serving functionality.

My questions are:

a) Given it's new role, will it still require an IP address?  If so, it
will be on my internal network (vs. DMZ with servers) and have an
address of for example.  Should this be changed now before
I rearrange the configuration?  I assume it needs an IP as I will need
to access the web-based admin interface to turn wireless on and off,

b)  I would assume the WAN port would not be used and all machines
using the "hub" would just plug into one of the four LAN ports.

c)  I have a "true" hub that will be used in the DMZ consisting of
machines with addresses like 192.168.0.x.  Here I assume the hub would
*not* have an IP assigned to it.

Just to be clear, the firewall box has 3 NICs.  One will have an IP
(dynamic) assigned by my ISP.  The second will serve the DMZ and have
an IP of and the third will serve the internal network and
have an address of

Just trying to clear some conceptual errors I seem to be having.
Thanks for any input, clarifications, and/or corrections.

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