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Graham Martin gcmartin at
Sun Mar 5 05:28:07 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 04:44 +0000, ubuntu-users-request at

Patrick Siglin wrote:

Cron <smmsp at list> test -x /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail 
&& /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail cron-msp  All headers  
/usr/share/sendmail/sendmail: line 820: /usr/sbin/sendmail-msp: No such
or directory  

I do not have sendmail anymore. I have looked and still looking. Does
know how to stop this from trying to execute?


Yes I had a similar problem,
Make sure you uninstall sendmail completely, 
that fixed my problem. 
Regards Graham.

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