On Being root....

Rob Blomquist rob at robandmegan.net
Sun Mar 5 05:44:34 UTC 2006

I am trying to get around having to play with Ubuntu's interest in keeping me 
from becoming root in console and so on. I have no idea why, but maybe it is 
to block people from running all the time as root, which I know is a pretty 
stupid thing. I have not been at a root graphical desktop in years.

But right now I am in something of a pickle, as while I can su into root, and 
open KDE's Root Console, I now cannot run Adept, Kuser, kdesu, or anything 
graphical as root. Its really starting to bug me, as I am not a real pro at 
apt-get, dpkg or any of that, and its a real pain right now to configure my 
machine the way I want without the graphical side. Mostly, as between rpms 
and deb based installers, all the packages seem to be named differently, and 
I don't know what to ask for.

I am wondering if anyone has spent enough time, or has found a website that 
lets us in on unblocking the root console, and all the GUI utilities that we 
would like to use.


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