Laptop fans don't stop anymore

Mark Roach mrroach at
Sat Mar 4 17:34:11 UTC 2006

I'm running dapper, and I've noticed lately that my laptop no longer
ever gets quiet. Sleep mode has never worked on this system, but it used
to be that if I wasn't running anything cpu intensive, and I closed the
lid, eventually the fans would shut down, and the system would stay
cool. Now it is always hot, and the fans are always running.

According to the CPU scaling monitor, the CPU is getting scaled down to
the 530 Mhz (the lowest). I don't think my hard drive is spinning down
though. I used to run noflushd to make that happen, but it conflicts
with the new laptop-mode stuff. I've got all my partitions mounted with
"noatime" this used to work. Any suggestions?


Mark Roach

P.S. the temperature of the system is 52C, cooling_mode is "active"

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