dapper + powerbook g4 = no sound?

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Fri Mar 3 04:50:19 UTC 2006

Matthew Nicholson wrote:
> just did an install of dapper on my powerbook g4, and, simply put,
> everything went great. after a bit of hacking around the air port
> extreme is working well and a few glitches i saw on a previous install
> have cleared up.
> however, currently, there is no sound. alsamixer/gnome-mixer have both
> been used and the "normal" things are turned up. i even booted back into
> OSX to make sure teh volume there wasn't set very low incase it was
> hardware controlled. no dice.
> any advice/help?

On my new iBook G4, running dapper, I do not get any sound unless I 
unmute/select the "PC Speaker".  You can do this from a terminal window 
(run "alsamixer", user the right arrow key to select "PC Speak", and hit 
the "m" key to unmute), or from the gnome-volume-control (make sure "PC 
Speaker" is checked, under the "Switches" tab).

This setting seems to get reset periodically, maybe when I update the 
system, and I lose sound until I repeat the steps above.  Maybe doing 
this will restore your sound?

Now, do you mind sharing what you did to get airport extreme working?

I've spent literally hours trying to get it working -- googling, 
reading, compiling, etc -- and it just doesn't work for me.

I have the firmware installed correctly and I can modprobe the bcm43xx 
modules with no errors.  I can configure the interface manually with no 
errors.  I can scan (iwlist eth1 scan) and I see my access point.  I can 
ping the interface (eth1) address.  I can see traffic on my LAN 
(tcpdump).  As far as I can tell, the routing table is set correctly.

I cannot get a dynamic address (dhclient times out), or ping my gateway 
or any other address on my LAN or the internet.  DNS lookups time out, 
and, of course, I cannot connect to any host on my LAN or internet.

I'd really appreciate any tips or pointers.  I'd really like to get my 
airport extreme card working.


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