nautilus seems to repeatedly list smb shares

Nick Demou (enLogic) ndemou at
Thu Mar 2 08:44:00 UTC 2006

since I've installed ubuntu last summer (5.04 back then, 5.10 now) I 
have a steady network bandwidth usage of about 20-30KBytes/sec
I suspect it is nautilus that constantly lists the contents of at least 
one samba share ... some details follow:

I am installing 5.04:
    bandwidth usage without me doing anything 0KBps
I am mounting a samba share on a linux samba server through smbfs
    bandwidth usage without me doing anything 0KBps
I logon to gnome
    bandwidth usage without me doing anything 20-30KB/sec
sometimes when I open a samba directory full of files and dirs nautilus 
hangs up for a few seconds and bandwidth drops to 0KBps, then the list 
apears and bandwidth climbs back to 20-30KBps

I did an ethereal capture and it seems to my untrained eyes that ubuntu 
keeps doing an ls of all the files in a samba share (I didn't include 
the ethereal capture to keep this message short - if it is needed I can 
send it)

Nick Demou

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