Installing on computer with multiple hard drives

Paul Barry mail at
Thu Mar 2 03:49:35 UTC 2006


I am trying to install Ubuntu 5.10 on a system with multiple hard drives.  I
have an ASUS P4P800 motherboard, 2 SATA drives configured in a RAID1 using
the motherboard RAID controller (Intel Integrated RAID for Serial ATA)m a
320GB IDE master drive and a 120GB IDE slave drive.  I have windows XP
installed on the SATA RAID and I'm using the IDE Master drive in windows for
extra storage.  I want to install Ubuntu on the IDE slave drive.  I
downloaded the DVD ISO, Burn it, booted the live DVD, was working great, so
now I want to install it.  So I did the install on the IDE slave, mostly
followed the default options.  Now, when I reboot, it just goes right into
Windows.  I assume this is because Ubuntu put the boot loader on the IDE
slave drive, and my system is booting the Intel SATA RAID, so it just goes
right into Windows?  So I tried reconfiguring the Boot settings in the BIOS
to the IDE slave drive that should have Ubuntu on it, but when it tries to
boot, I just get a black screen with "Error loading operation system" in
white letters.  So I put the boot settings back to the Intel RAID, and
windows still works ok, but my question is how can I boot the Ubuntu that is
installed on the IDE Slave drive?  And can I install a boot loader somehow
so that I can just pick between Windows on the Intel SATA RAID and Ubuntu on
the IDE Slave drive?
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