Pronouncing "ubuntu"

Alan McKinnon alan at
Wed Mar 1 23:36:31 UTC 2006


So today was a sloooow day in Cape Town. When the sun wasn't shining 
it was either raining, misty or blowing a gale force wind. And the 
phone rang twice all day, but that's because today is a public 

Seeing as the devil makes work for idle hands, Cape Town is probably 
the spiritual home of Ubuntu, and I'm bored to tears at 01:33am, I 
thought I'd liven up my life a bit and ask one simple innocent enough 

How many people in the world-wide Ubuntu community can pronounce the 
name correctly? (Tip: there's no "Y" sound in it)

Alan McKinnon
alan at linuxholdings dot co dot za
+27 82, double three seven, one nine three five

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