SMP and RAID (Recommendations for beginner installer)

Clive Menzies clive at
Wed Mar 1 18:48:00 UTC 2006

On (01/03/06 12:12), John Lyon wrote:
> I'm taking delivery of a dual proc box, with two 9GB scsi hard drives. I'm
> wondering, as a beginner, if there's anything in particular regarding SMP or
> software raid that I should be aware of as I work through the install.
> I've decided to put the OldWorld Mac G3 on the back burner for now.

The scsi drives are no problem (SATA can be a little tricky) but booting
off software RAID requires some work.  I put some notes up with some
good links on booting from RAID:

Installing an smp kernel after install should be trivial although I had
problems with the RAID trying to assemble before the SATA modules were
loaded with some kernels.  I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem
with scsi.



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