Paul Antuar rautnap at
Wed Mar 1 07:23:16 UTC 2006

Think I've solved it(with all of your helpful sudgestions) by editing my
sudoers file with visudo to give my user logon root priviledges. It would be
better if  the user had to go thru sudo though?
> You said in your previous e-mail that you have a root password.  Did you
> select 'expert' for your install?

Yes I did  because I wanted to fiddle with some hardware settings and didn't
realize  the problems it would raise with sudo etc.

>If you have a root account enabled
> (which normally isn't the case) perhaps you have to be logged in as root
> to run Synaptic.  (I haven't done this myself.)
> Alternately, try opening a terminal and run either
> 'sudo apt-get update'
> or su to root and just 'apt-get update'.
> If sudo fails, check /etc/group to see that you are in the admin group
> and run visudo to confirm that /etc/sudoers is also correct.  Have a
> look at the manual page for sudo for (many) more details.
> Ed


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