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Wed Mar 1 04:53:15 UTC 2006

Hi Paul, welcome to Ubuntu -

See below for comments and possible answers

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 15:26:00 +1100 (EST)
Paul Antuar <rautnap at> wrote:

> hi, I'm brand new to Ubuntu having just installed it
> on an 'old' Celeron 1000 with 196Mb memory. Struck a
> problem almost straight away. The update(?) icon on
> the top launch bar tells me there's 50 updates to
> download but then asks for my root (?) password which
> I dutifully type in and then it tells me that it's the
> wrong password?

It expects your user password - the password for your "first" user is the
"sudo" password. Did you use the "expert" install option? That is the only
way you could have a root password by default. Or did you enable root
and set a password after installing? You might look at

> When I open a console prompt and type
> su or sudo the password I give it is the same one!?
> Any ideas?

Not quite sure what you mean here. The important point is to realise that
Ubuntu uses sudo, and therefore expects the password you assigned to the
first user ( the one you set up during the install).


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