machine locks during screensaver

Anurag anurag at
Fri Jun 30 10:08:47 UTC 2006

On 6/30/06, Ylan Segal <ylan.segal at> wrote:
> Christofer C. Bell wrote:
> > I hate to ask this, Anurag, but are you able to log into the machine
> > remotely when it has "locked up"?  I ask because it's possible that
> > while X has stopped responding to you, that the underlying system is
> > still running fine.  This can happen when a graphical application
> > (such as gnome-screensaver) has hung while it has "grabbed" the X
> > server (when an application requests exclusive control of the X
> > server, as a screensaver should, for example).
> You can also try one of the text consoles, they might still be working
> and you mightbe able to kill Xserver and restart it.
> Try <ctrl><alt><F1>. You can get back to the graphical console with
> <ctrl><alt><F7>

Hi, as i told earlier, the keyboard doesnt respond at all. Neither text
consoles not those magic ``Alt+SysRQ+B'' keys work. I'll however put this
machine on public ip and ask a friend to ssh in. I'm pretty much sure this
has something to do with opengl and/or my graphics card. Meanwhile, i'm
upgrade screensaver packages as suggested.

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