Installing SendMail

Wade Smart wade at
Fri Jun 30 01:22:08 UTC 2006

06292006 2004 GMT-6

Cameron, so i read up on esmtp, but im a little confused.
"ESMTP does not receive mail, but can deliver mail locally via an MDA."

Ok. Too many things that i do not understand. 
This is much more complicated to do than I thought. No wonder I never
choose to do this part. 

Anyway, ESMTP - this says it delivers mail locally. But I need to sent
it to my mail server and get it back for testing. Or am I just not


On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 11:36 +1000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
> /usr/bin/mail still requires a mail-transport-agent to be installed and
> configured to deliver mail.
> A default ubuntu install should have postfix installed, but unless it
> has been properly configured to deliver mail externally (ie to another
> system), /usr/bin/mail wont work as Wade needs it to.
> If your requirements are simple mail forwarding via a user account,
> the esmtp and esmtp-run packages may be more appropriate.

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