just a warning?

Me - Atlantic jdangler at atlantic.net
Thu Jun 29 18:06:34 UTC 2006

> Even a box that is on 24/7 with a full-time
> connection can have this problem if there's a transient failure
> elsewhere in the Internet.
> I used to get this on my laptop pretty regularly before I upgraded to
> dapper, because I'd boot it while traveling, away from an Internet
> connection, but haven't seen it since installing dapper.

So the concensus is that it's a transient failure somewhere else on the
internet, or that somehow upgrading to Dapper "fixes" the problem.

I'm not sure how upgrading the version of the OS will resolve this,
since apt will be running the current release of apt regardless of the
OS version.

As to the transient problem somewhere else on the web (like the
mirrors/servers that apt is getting its data from) seems much more
likely.  I've had the same problem with Breezy since Dapper was
released, and chalked it up to the fact that everyone is pounding the
servers for updates.

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