Logging in as root

Dan Monjar dan at daijin.dissimulo.com
Mon Jun 26 17:33:53 UTC 2006

Rein Mann wrote:
> Alexander Skwar <listen <at> alexander.skwar.name> writes:
>> Rein Mann wrote:
>>>  for some applications
>>> it is simply impossible.
>> Which applications?
>> Alexander Skwar
> I have read (with some amusement) all the remarks about the dangers of 
> running linux as root.
> I have been running linux (mainly RedHead) for years and I am well aware
> of the tricky bits.
> It is very simple to turn your internet connection off while doing some 
> maintenance on your system and to do that it is very convenient to do it
> as root instead of 'su root'.
> In the meantime I did some googling and found the answers I needed.
> Thanks for the remarks and advice.
> Rein

I'm not clear on why you keep talking about 'su root'... why not do
'sudo bash' instead?  gives you the same thing without having to muck
around with the root account and the display manager.

I, too, have been administering Unix and Linux for many years.  While
initially bristling at the "strange" security model in Ubuntu I have
gotten used to it and appreciated it.

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