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Craig Jackson wrote:

> Hi,
> I posted this a few minutes ago. Hope this isn't a duplicate.
> The Ubuntu Breezy Badger installation does not see disks to partition. The drives are SATA 500GB seagate. The system is AMD64 on an Asus MB. One is plugged in to SATA1 and the other in SATA3 on the MB. The BIOS sees the disks as IDE 3 Master and IDE 4 Master.
> Can someone give me a hand?

That one rings a bell...
Unfortunately, I could never manage to install Breezy or Dapper in my
brother's box, which has a similar configuration (AMD64, SATA disks,
nForce4 chipset, Asus MB).

Both Breezy and Dapper die starting EVMS. I Googled a couple of times
about it, asked in #ubuntu... and never got/found what the problem is.

At last both my brother and I got tired of trying, gave up, and 
installed FC4, which could see the disks and boot as expected. Same
goes for FC5 (my brother tried it a couple of weeks ago).

I'm almost sure that the problem has to do with EVMS + SATA + nForce4
(as Fedora doesn't ship with evms) and/or some kernel patch that Fedora
has and Ubuntu doesn't. But I couldn't figure it out :(

If you manage to get it working... I'd be interested to know about your


Fedora 5 didn't see them either. 

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