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Peter N. Spotts pspotts at alum.mit.edu
Wed Jun 28 11:59:42 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 21:49 +0200, Kaiser, Hans wrote:
> > So does anyone here know if evolution in Dapper can - actually,
> > really and truly - detect and filter out spam? I have both
> > bogofilter and spamassassin installed as a desperate measure to
> > filter out the junk. Two weeks of collecting and training, but not
> > one piece has been detected as junk in that time. 
> > 
> > Before I revert to mutt with spamassassin, does anyone have a
> > suggestion as to how to get the junk control working?
> Brian, I have the same issue here!
> I am using bogofilter, but no spam gets filtered in my evolution. That
> really sucks...
> I would like to switch to thunderbird, but I need the contacts, tasks
> and the integrated calendar....
> I tried some of the howtos I found, but in the meanwhile I think, I
> have tried so much different approaches, so my evolution is surely
> missconfigured...
> Maybe someone here has an idea...

At the risk of throwing gasoline onto smoldering embers (or taking coals
to Newcastle), this is why I've learned to bypass both T-Bird's and
Evo's built in spam filtering. I was getting some spam filtering, but
too much was slipping into my inbox. Essentially, I have what sounds
like it may be a mutt-fetchmail approach: fetchmail bring in my email in
from my ISP, then use procmail to route it to spamd and ship the bad
boys to a SPAM folder I set up in Evo under Inbox. I use spamassassin,
and the SA website reminds us that for best results, we have to "train"
spamassassin on the non-spam (ham) emails as well as on the spam. Also,
you can visit the SA website and have an on-line utility set up a
rudimentary config file for you to get started. 


Hope this helps...

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