Upgrading to Edgy Eft

Anthony Yarusso tonyyarusso at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 28 10:23:37 UTC 2006

ruscook wrote:
> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Chanchao wrote:
>>> I don't like the word 'unstable' and don't think it should be associated 
>>> with any (future/development) version of Ubuntu.  Shades of Debian, and 
>>> the majority (?) of users running something still called 'unstable'..
>>> "Beta testing" or 'Pre-release evaluation' or something seems better.
>> How about: "development"? :)
> That would be a novel descriptor for a development version :-)
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I'll agree with that.  Unstable was a poor word choice.  As far as
development, that might be confusing and sound like it was for dev
discussion again.  Is a plus sign a valid character in mailing list
names?  That would be consistent with the IRC channels.  Anyway, the
name isn't really as important as the concept, so I'm good with just
about any idea for a name.

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