[ot] Re: Oh please ...

charlie derr cderr at simons-rock.edu
Tue Jun 27 21:34:21 UTC 2006

Then add a column to your thunderbird view for "recipient" in the right hand pane (which is what I do, as 
it allows me to quickly see the ubuntu-users posts (or most other lists, marked or unmarked in the 
subject line)), and/or get a bigger monitor,  or use a different mail client, etc...

It's certainly appropriate to make suggestions to the list masters, but as you might have figured out by 
the number and direction of the responses you've received, lots of other people have lots of other 
solutions to the issue you bring up and so the status quo will probably not be changed (nor need it be).

Or in other words... yeah, we're calling you lazy :-]

	be well,

Tom Smith wrote:
> Because I already have a large number of folders for other stuff. My 
> resolution is 1280x1024 and Thunderbird's folder list consumes the 
> entire left pane--call me lazy, but I would prefer to not have to scroll 
> through my folders to see if something contains new messages, you know?

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