Upgrading to Edgy Eft

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 27 19:33:41 UTC 2006


> | Developer lists
> |
> |       The ubuntu-devel mailing list is for highly-technical
> |       discussions and implementation details regarding current
> |       development on Ubuntu.
> It says, that the -dev list is for discussing "current development"
> aspects. Thus, questions reg. a "current development" distribution
> are on-topic there ...

no it means that if i develop a new feature in ltsp that requires an
intrusive change to initramfs which can have different solutions, we
will discuss on that list which one is best for ubuntu to implement the
ubuntu-devel list should not be used for anything else.

bugs go to the bugtracked and ubuntu-users is the list for support for
*all* ubuntu distros.

many users get that wrong which results in a high noise rate on
ubuntu-devel ...

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